Psychological Support

We provide psychological support services that use scientifically-supported techniques and approaches.

Typically, we will have an initial session with you to get to know you and what type of psychological support you are interested in. Then we will develop a plan that is designed to best address your support needs. This may involve ongoing therapy sessions or a more targeted support plan and will likely use a range of different psychological techniques and approaches.

Broad Therapy

We provide regular one-on-one sessions where you talk about your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This may include things that are making you upset, stopping you from being happy, or preventing you from reaching your goals in life. We will give you take-home tasks like reading, diaries and activities to complete after a therapy session. These will help you to learn to use the skills you are taught during the sessions.

Targeted Support

Sometimes you might have a very specific goal in mind to make a change within your life, usually involving a behaviour or set of behaviours. We will work with you and your key support people to understand what might be contributing to what you want to change, and develop a targeted support plan that involves different strategies to make that change.