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Wait for Initial Contact

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Be Proactive While Waiting

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Receive and Accept the Quote

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Individuals, Families & Children

Agencies & Organisations

First Session

Typical sessions are approximately an hour, however the first session may be longer.  We will tell you how much time to set aside to see us.  Please arrive on time and bring all requested documentation with you.  During the session you will be given information about your next contact with us.

Psychological Assessment

The first session(s) typically involve an assessment of what help is likely to be needed.  Depending on the problem, assessment might be very quick and simple, or longer and more in-depth.  We can explain why a certain level of assessment is required.  After the assessment, we will best know how to help you and can provide further quotes for treatment and intervention services.  See our FAQ page for more information on the assessment process.

After Assessment

Findings from the assessment may suggest any of the following (or any combination of the following):

  • Further assessment
  • Data collection/behavioural recording
  • Therapy sessions
  • Behaviour management plan
  • Assessment by other professionals
  • Referral to support services
  • Other recommendations
  • See the FAQ page for more information on the above


See our Terms & Conditions for information on fees, payment options and requirements.

Liason with Agency or Organisation

After our quote is approved, and order for services received, we will make contact with you.  We will request information about the individual being referred, such as a case summary and historical documentation.  We will also request contact information for the individual and their support people, and other people it may be necessary to make contact with or involve in the assessment or intervention.

Reporting Requirements

Please inform us of the reporting requirements of your agency/organisation, for example, whether we are required to send assessment results to you directly, or whether we are required to send regular progress reports.

Contact with Client

When we have all of the background and contact information we require, we will make contact with the client and/or their support people to arrange an appointment.


During our first meeting with the client, we will explain our therapy agreement, and obtain consent from the client to fulfil the reporting requirements of the agency and to involve all of the necessary people.

Psychological Assessment & Intervention

After obtaining consent, we will conduct the assessment or intervention as quoted, and fulfil all reporting requirements.  See the FAQ page for more information on psychological assessment and intervention.


See our Terms & Conditions for information on fees, payment options and requirements.