Dr. Tanya Breen

M.Soc.Sc.; Dip.Psyc. (Clin.); DHSc; MNZPsS; MICP
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Tanya specialises in autism, neurodiversity and intellectual disability. She works with people individually, but can also support their partners and family members, and liaise with schools, services, and other professionals. Tanya prefers to work from a strengths and rights perspective, and she uses behavioural and cognitive-behavioural strategies.
Tanya consults to agencies, NGOs and Ministries on autism, disability and neurodiversity issues. She also works within the New Zealand court system as an expert witness when autistic or neurodivergent people, or people with disabilities, are complainants, defendants or subject to court orders.
Tanya is a competent and entertaining public speaker, and frequently presents at national and international workshops and conferences.
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Master of Social Sciences (Honours, First Class)
  • Diploma of Clinical Psychology
  • Doctor of Health Science
Professional Affiliations
  • New Zealand Psychologists Board
  • New Zealand Psychological Society
  • New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline: Living Guidelines Group
  • Institute of Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology Associate, University of Waikato
  • International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability
  • Australasian Society for the Study of Intellectual Disability
  • Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law
  • Ann Craft Trust, United Kingdom
Project Involvement
  • New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline
  • New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline: Implementation Advisory Group
  • New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline: Specialists’ Training Package
  • Working with People with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Guideline for Ministry of Health Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Organisations
  • Establishment, membership, and co-ordination of Professional Experts Group, Altogether Autism
  • Intellectual Disability (Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation) Act 2003
  • Health Practitioner’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Training Toolkit for The Werry Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Trefor Ward

Practice Manager
Trefor takes care of the accounting and administration aspects of the practice. He also provides technical expertise in computing, design, photography and film (especially for video self modelling). Trefor is qualified as an adult educator, and has experience working with and teaching individuals with disabilities.

Tanwen Ward

Project Genie and Research Specialist
Tanwen takes care of research and projects for the business. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with Honours, and has spent six years working with children, teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum through social support groups, youth mentoring and in-school support. Tanwen is currently completing PhD research focusing on the experiences of autistic adults who have played tabletop role-playing games.